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Born Digital!


Well-meaning decision makers don’t know what they don’t know. As such, they will need a little help and this is an opportunity for champions who believe in the need for organizational transformation.

Technology alone will not win the case for change. It’s not social, mobile, or local (SoLoMo) that presents the answer in. It is the affect they have on consumer behavior. Attempting to convince anyone of the need for change should never include mentions of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, iPhones, iPads, et al. These are means but not a means to an end. It is more important to understand market trends and impact, missed opportunities versus actual short and long term losses, the balance of connected vs. traditional consumerism, and to understand how innovation in the product roadmap prevents disruption while disrupting others through innovation.

Technology is merely an enabler, and a powerful one at that. But without vision, purpose, direction, or meaning, new channels simply keep toting old ideas. Without understanding technology and its relationship with behavior, we are just managing businesses the way we’ve been doing since forever. No new headways are being made.

This is a time to lead the next era where ideas are “born digital.” Rather than discount how, when, and where people connect – we need to innovate!  Born Digital is a mantra and a philosophy that invests in products, services, and supporting systems that align with the expectations and behaviors of Generation C – consistently, across every screen, in in the context of every scenario.

With Born Digital you’re not repackaging something old to be presented as something new. Born Digital comes from inspirations and is the drive to do something truly new and remarkable that delivers extraordinary and unique experiences.

Born Digital is deliberate and it is inspired – and it requires courage to step foot where no one has dared before!

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