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Case Study: Why Facebook is still relevant to food business

Social media has become an inescapable part of running restaurant businesses. Restaurant owners are well aware of the fact that whether their business is active on social media or not, they can be certain that their customers are tweeting, posting, and Instagramming about their restaurant. In spite of doomsday predictions, Facebook is still the most important social network for the restaurant industry.

A very popular local café “Chaaye Khana”has built an iconic brand on the seventy assorted blends of tea from world over and continental breakfast ideology.

chaaye khana over the years has created a consistent message and imagery for the business on social media. Enhanced engagement on social media by posting asking fun questions and encouraging responses has allowed the brand to become more than just a place to eat food, enabling guests to relate to chaaye khana outside mealtimes.

Followers on Chaaye khana’s social media pages are more likely to remember the content of the post, like the fact that chaaye khana offers “Ladies Tuesday”, which celebrates women by offering a free cup of tea every Tuesday. Also, by addressing negative reviews and showing appreciation for positive ones, the social media team for chaaye khana has created a transparent, friendly and approachable persona online.

To promote their new cafes opening in different localities of Islamabad Bahria Town, F-11) and in different cities like Peshawar, Lahore, Abbottabad and Multan, chaaye khana ran contests and paid advertisements online.  Thousands of fans and followers shared the posts and participated in the contests in order to win free meal vouchers at the newly opened cafes.

The Ask: Guess the location. Fans and followers were asked to guess where chaaye khana is opening next, with broad hints given for every answer.

Prizes: 4 winners were given meal vouchers for the newly opened chaaye khana.

Selection Process: Lucky Draw; the fans with correct answers were selected randomly from entries submitted.

This shows that if given content that interests / rewards them, people love to engage with brands on social media. Further, despite the phenomenal popularity of food images on Instagram, Facebook is still the go-to platform for restaurants to market their menu and attract and retain followers.

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