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As a Digital Tribe we assist progressive – thinking brands to revamp their businesses using digital platforms and technologies. We help brands integrate digital media within their marketing activities to carry the core strategy, creative methods of integration and all execution details which leads to creation of engaged audiences. Through our extensive digital media audit, competitive analysis, and custom-built interactive strategies, we help clients track their performance, opportunities and digital management.


(PR)/Event Planners

Public Relations allows brands the opportunity to tell their story through a variety of outlets and sources. A company’s Voice, shared through a strategic PR program, allows brands to consistently communicate the right message, in the right tone, to their core audience in a combination of ways. We blend traditional public relations techniques with social media, strategic content, events and promotions to leverage your brand.
Be it a large milestone event or a small launch, being the best event management agency we give the same attention to detail to produce beautifully executed and memorable results. zeesocial team works with various brands/businesses to plan, conceptualize and execute their corporate events that are in line with their organizational strategy.
Through promotional conferences and events, we help brands infiltrate market segments. For us, product/brand launches and brand promotions are about giving our clients the ideas and the platform that is needed to showcase their products, in order to propel them into the market in an effective manner.


Showcase your brand

As a digital marketing agency we understand and believe in being the citizen of the digital world in today’s age. We know that communication is not just about transmitting information from one point to another point but to accurately and effectively communicate with your audience. For effective communication we know that engagement is important and to engage with the right audience you must maintain your brand’s recall and visibility in every way possible. We consume your brand search to drive valued engagements without wasting budget in areas not appropriate for your brand.
With the cutting edge developments taking place at zeesocial, we proactively seek out more efficient and effective ways to augment media budgets for each distinctive business need.


Connect in interesting ways

We paint your brand canvas focusing on your target market and brand promise. zeesocial is an expert in creative strategy and “out of the box” approach in the digital direct marketing channels.
With an experienced and motivated team of designers, writers, digital experts and developers we aim to create cross-channel digital campaigns, superior brand image and enhanced user experience for clients across the retail, restaurant industry, technology and entertainment industries.


Optimize digital ad campaigns

We help optimize digital ad campaigns by utilizing data-driven analysis to target advertising budgets towards performing audience segments that are highly engaged with your brand.
We get your brand in front of the right people at the right time to create, manage and optimize digital ad campaigns through a rich ad experience and quality content used with effective and efficient keywords.


It does not end with browser

zeesocial’s development team builds across various platforms creating fascinating digital experiences for social, mobile and the web.
We develop and integrate a wide range of customized business solutions, providing custom web application development solutions for custom based business need.


Listen, Analyze and Engage

zeesocial collaborates with leading technology providers to offer a comprehensive array of services and delivery models.
Our EXCLUSIVE technology partnership with Social Bakers allows us to offer unparalleled services and value to our clients:
Socialbakers: is the most cited source for global Facebook data. Socialbakers social media statistics and analytics f or Facebook and Twitter serve as the top information source for marketers and brand owners in their strategic decision making. It is the only solution that allows brands such as
Lufthansa, L’Oréal, Danone, Vodafone, Samsung, GE Money, Ogilvy, Kraft, and Peugeot to measure, compare, and contrast the success of their social media campaigns with competitive intelligence.